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DT/DS: Dreaming Macaron Skirt in Yellow

I am selling from Hawaii, USA.
My feedback is here on EGL. ( +26, -0 )

I have Angelic Pretty's Yumemiru Macaron skirt in yellow, but I'm interested in a brand jumperskirt or something different.

(The stock photo is true to color)

My proof photo, the color is a little off: (but there are no stains, discoloring or damages)

The waist fits about 29" max. Partially shirred band, side invisible zip, fully lined. The fabric is thick, has nice hefty texture and is fully lined. The print is fine and detailed, with "Angelic Pretty" written in frosting on heart shaped desserts. The letters "AP" are sprinkled through the polkadots. Lastly, my favorite detail- there is light pink dotted tulle at the hem.

The previous owner did not have the waist ties or detachable bow unfortunately.

I'd love to trade it for a brand JSK of some sort- printed or solid, I'd love to see. Possibly OPs, too.

It's a long shot but I'd really like:

- March of Duck (Meta; skirt is ok)
- Judie Usakumya Friend (BTSSB)

- Other jsks and things from Meta, Baby, etc. Nothing particular in mind this time~

- If you feel I would owe you a difference $$, let me know and we can work something out. Otherwise, I'd accept lower values items + $$ from you.

If you're interested in buying this skirt, feel free to comment or PM me. 

Tags: !ds, !dt, angelic pretty
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