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DA : MmM black / gold Divine Cross shirred jsk ed. from Sendai

Hi  ^-^

First of all, here are my feedbacks.
I accept paypal and bank transfer.

I would like to auction off a Black/Gold Divine Cross from MmM .
It's absolutely gorgeous *o* but I really need money ... >.<

Worn only once for a couple of hours. It is as good as new.
The shirring can stretch a lot and the fabric is very elegant.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate.

I'm taking offers from 395€ shipping included,   UNTIL SATURDAY, DECEMBER 4TH, 8 P.M. [FRANCE]

CURRENT HIGHEST BID : 395 €   @ Darkromantica

every last-minute bid will extend the auction for 10 additionnal minutes.

Worn : 

Details :

Thank you for watching ^-^

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