Chibi (chibinohibi) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB: Bodyline Carousel jsk in 2L pink

Hello and thank you for reading my post. I am after the famous Bodyline's Carousel print jsk in pink size 2L ^_^
Might consider black, but pink is the main one I want :3

Right now I can only pay in Money Order and prefer a USA seller (sorry international, I do love you!).

My feedback is good as a seller and buyer :] and I LOVE keeping in touch till the whole transaction is over or even after and continue to be buddies ^_^

Feedback link

So please do leave me your offers ^.^! Thank you!

*crosses fingers*

P.S. on the website it's $31 plus the $20 shipping, so I'm hoping less than that and maybe squished into a $11 dollar shipping box. But give me your offers :D

Tags: !wtb, bodyline, offbrand
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