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DS: Moving Sale! 20% Reduce: SS socks:westmend:harajuku lovers:surface spell: AP: BL

♥ Payment: Paypal ONLY

First one to leave paypal addy!

♥No haggle
( Please respect this! I do not charge PP fees, traveling to the post, or any extra fees, my shipping is included world wide and the shipping already includes tracking)

♥ I shipp from China useing China Express.
I supply tracking: ( tracking does not effect over all cost of shipping)

Takes 7-20 working bussness days to recieve.* not including weekends, or holiday.*

♥Not responsible for lost or stolen packages. !!!
( Altought it has never happened!)

♥ I live in a smoke free home!

But have Two cats! But I keep them away from clothes.

I offer discounts on orders of 3 or more items.
( excluding SS socks)

♥Paypal ONLY
I shipp within 2-4 days of recieved paypal payment.
I EMAIL you tracking!
♥Feedback here

Update for the Holidays: These items have a chance of NOT arriving before christmas.

Huge MOVE sale:
Im moving back to America for good!!! Please help me clear out this stuff I already have 5 suitcases!!! ( im not kidding) and I need to narrow it down to AT LEAST 3 .
ALL purchases help go towards the plane flight back home =T.T= ! 
These items need to go, I will NOT be bringing these items back home with me.
( if they do not sale i will end up having them mailed back to me and the prices will be much higher then they are now to help cover my costs)
World wide buyers! Now is the chance to get great deals on everything!! Once I go back to America I will NOT be able to offer over seas shipping due to I have no car yet XD !!!
And shipping over seas from America is more costly, so get it at this great rate now!

My sales all end January 15th !!!

BodyLine Pink AP/ Baby replica Skirt:
Brand new never worn with tags
A very descent skirt! 
Great quality and Lace!
Selling cause i want the black one/or authentic.
Size: M
Length 57cm
Waist 64 -76cm
$50 shipped world wide
$35 shipped

H. Naoto replica jackit:
worn maybe once
just not my style anymore
size M
bust: 32-35
waist: 23-26

asking $20 shipped


Bodyline cat beenie:
never worn ! one size fits most!
$10 shipped

West Mend Black Baby Doll JSK

BEAUTIFUL multi layered JSK
embroyder roses and bead work
brand new with tags:
Fully lined
bust: 32-34
waist: 23-28
$65 shipped world wide
$50 shipped

West Mend Pink Classic Sweet Lolita OP:
Adorible dress!
new with tags never worn
Size Small: 160/ 84A
bust: 32-34
waist: 23-26
$65 shipped world wide
$50 shipped

Victoria Maiden high bust skirt

brand new never worn except for sample:
Fully lined
best fit:
waist: 23-26
$60 shipped world wide
$40 shipped


Black/ Grey WestMend lace coller JSK:
Fall 2010 release:
Size s-m ( corset lace back for adjusting!)
Bust: 32-36
Waist: 23-28
brand new with tags: beautiful !
Fully lined
removable pearl decals on coller:
$75 shipped
$60 shipped


White WestMend Blouse:
White long sleve blouse: with tags:
brand new never worn
ruffle ( super soft) coller: removable ribbon
Size: small 155/80A
Bust: 32-34
Sleve length: 24

$45 shipped
$35 shipped

White West Maiden Blouse:
White Long sleve blouse: with tags:
brand new never worn
ruffle ( super soft) coller: removable ribbon
Size: small 155/80A
Bust: 32-34
Sleve length: 23
$45 shipped
$35 shipped

GLP: Purple skullez
Busstle fish tail back:
Never worn:
Brand new:
Size: 23-27
Strech Waist: and has adorible skull details!
$25 shipped
$20 shipped

GLP: Red Cardigan Top:
Brand new never worn:
Bust: 32-34
Waist: 23-25
$20 Shipped
$15 shipped

Ribbon Key Earings:
Hook ear ring:
Brand new never used or tried on:
$8 shipped each
2 for $10 shipped



Harajuku Lovers LAMB REplica Bags:
Found these in Thailand and thought you guys might like!

All include the special inside print:
tags, labels, keychain, zipper details.
Very well made replicas.!

LAMB Sweet Kanji:
They are dressed in Lolita and harajuku street fashion ! 
Deff my fave one XD !!! 

$25 shipped world wide:
$20 shipped

All bags have this inside detail.

LAMB Aloha Girls:
Cute cute cute hula girls! XD

$25 shipped world wide:
$20 shipped

LAMB Mermaid Girls:

$25 shipped world wide:
$20 shipped

LAMB Lovers Street
London girls ! so freaken cute XD !
$25 shipped

$20 shipped world wide:

Perfect for college! Holds lots of books, supplies and much more!
These are MY LAST ONES!!
These will NOT be restocked!!! 
Last chance to get one of these.

Retail in Japan
6,999 Yen

Asking: $35 shipped world wide each

Size detail:





Surface Spell UnderBust JSK:
This was sent in the wrong size :/
Im reselling so i can buy one in the right size:
Bust: free size cause it is a under bust:
Underbust: 24-26in max
Waist: 28-30in MAX ( corset lacing back)
Length: 36in
Price: $120 shipped world wide
$95 shipped world wide

West Mend Yellow Flower JSK:
Brand new with tags
Never worn
one layered material.
A line cut.
no shirring in back
Bust: 32-34
Waist: 23-26
$70 shipped world wide
$55 shipped

WestMend Black JSK
This was requested and buyer backed out at last min.
( very rare and hard to get: not on website)
Size: M
Bust: 36 max
Waist: 28 max
Great for a TALL lolita of 5'5 +
$75 shipped
$60 shipped world wide

WestMend Black Blouse:
Black long sleve blouse: with tags:
brand new never worn
Peterpan coller: removable bow
Size: small
Bust: 32-34
$50 shipped
$40 shipped

WestMend Kodona Velvit Shorts+Borleo:
VERY lovely!
Soft veltiv outside, silk/ satin inside.
Fully Lined
Brand new with tags:
Crown button details! super cute!
( WILL NOT split the set)
Bust: 32-34 max
$130 shipped
$75 shipped SET


Size: small:
Hips: 32-34

Milky Chan Replica Wrist cuffs:
Brand new never worn:
$17 shipped each

$12 shipped each

1 Sold

2 sold

Rare BodyLine Pink OP
This is the first dress I ever bought! 
this i ssold out and I have never even seen it online!
Soooo cute!
Angelic Pretty Replica maybe?
Saddly only worn once for 3 hrs or so for a photo shoot.
Sherring in back
Bust: 32-26
( Paid 5,000 yen)
$75 shipped world wide ( HEAVY)
$60 shipped

Bodyline Cat Jackit:
Fleece jackit:
well worn! i love this but i must make a choice :/
size M
bust: 32-35
waist: 23-26
includes detachable tail and ear hood.
$20 shipped

G.L.P Red Skirt/ Petty
Size: 23-27
strech waist:
Includes attached bloomers! XD !
Brand new never worn...
Makes for a Fantastic petty ( that wont go flat)
Or wear as a skirt.
$35 shipped
$25 shipped

White West Maiden Blouse:
White short sleve blouse: with tags:
brand new never worn
ruffle ( super soft) coller: removable ribbon
Great lace and stiching detail
Size: small 155/80A
Bust: 32-34
$45 shipped
$35 shipped

Secret Shop socks:
Brand new in package:
OTK: 165 cm under
UTK: 170cm+
$15 Shipped EACH
$10 shipped each world wide.
( no shipping discount on multi order of this item.)




4 sold


6 sold




10 sold




AC/CD rag candy JSK
Bust: 32-34
waise: 23-26
corset lace back
worn only once for a photo shoot
$50 shipped
$40 shipped

Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, bodyline, h.naoto, offbrand, secret shop
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