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!DS Kidsyoyo AP Replica Coat

Feedback here:

Celebi AP black Coat from Kidsyoyo
The price is 750rmb, it's heavy, about 2-2.5kg with packing
if shipped in a box, about 2.5kg, if shipped in a plastic bag only about 2kg ^^

 Free --extra same style black beret Cap

 Super beautiful coat, very thick~ must be warm enough! With the lovely black beret cap is amazing perfect fit!

 Standard size L

length is 95cm, bust is 100cm, Waist is 86cm

Ready to ship right away,  because it’s stored in Susan's warehouse at the moment.
We mistakenly ordered one extra and waited over 1 month for it to be made.

We hope to find a buyer.

 Photo’s made by Susan:

Thank you for looking.



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