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WTB: ! Milky-chan ~OP's JSK's Replicas Please!! Baby Tulip Celebration!


My Feedback:
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Shipping: I want shipping confirmation. I live in North Carolina, USA.
Feel Free to PM offers, too, but please provide your FEEDBACK. Even in a regular post, please!

Once again I come looking for clothing I can wear to school - not that I'm too much of a messy person, but I work in a theatre, primarily a costume shop... and since accidents do happen, and you never know what will occur from day to day... I'm looking for replicas. There are a few brand dresses I would be interested in... they are also listed.

+ I prefer OP's, then JSK's, then skirts (in that order. Skirts would be my last option).
+ Milky Chan
+Milky Planet
+ Wonder  
+ Anything PASTEL
+Any Pastel Replica
+ Long Sleeve Bodyline Blouse
+ Matching socks
+Solid color, simple brand dresses.
+Tulip Celebration (Baby) - Any Colorway
+Baby's Gingham Rose. I have the OP in pink, but I LOVE this print and may be interested in other similar pieces.

I wear a size small - medium. (34.5,24,34 - 5'4" tall ).

I am not currently looking for anything else. I am not looking for seperate bows, but if a bow it part of a set, I would like that.
I will be leaving town tomorrow for a wedding, but will be checking this throughout the night and throughout the day tomorrow. I will also have my phone with me, with which I Can check my email - so please continue to post as I will still check! I will return on Monday for anything posted Saturday and Sunday. My funds are available immediately.

Thank you!
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