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DS: ETC Doll House OP, AatP, BTSSB socks and Accessories

- EGL feedback here
- Payment accepted: PayPal
- Shipping from Tokyo, Japan.
- No trades, no holds

Emily Temple Cute
Doll House One Piece


Measurements (from Closet Child):
shoulder width:35cm / 13.755 inch
bust:40cm / 15.72 inch (flat)
waist:74cm / 29.082 inch
length:82cm / 32.226 inch
sleeve length:14cm / 5.502 inch

Close up photos: 1 and 2


Shipping: EMS tracked or Airmail
To USA: EMS $20 / Airmail $11
To EU: EMS $24 / Airmail $12
To AUS: EMS $21 / Airmail $12

Alice and the Pirates crown hair accessory
6% Dokidoki heart ring

$6 each
Free Shipping when combined with another item Or $5 Airmail to US, EU and AUS.

Pocket watches


Small by Wonder Rocket (not running) $14
Large* by Bunkaya Zakkaten (running) $20
* about the size of the "OK" your thumb and forefinger make

Free Shipping when combined with another item Or $5 Airmail to US, EU and AUS.

Second hand socks
Alice and the Pirates Crown and emblem OTKS $15
Baby, the Stars Shine bright Dot and border OTKS $15

$5 Airmail to US, EU and AUS.

Thanks for looking! Any questions welcome.
I am also selling some Angelic Pretty items at angelicpoodle here
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