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EGL feedback

Trying to raise money for Christmas, so buying these items will really help me. I am also offering a set price to buy the lot with 1 fixed shipping cost

To buy all the items together the price will be
£80 + p&p

This way  you will save on shipping cost dramatically!

I will also toss in a free gift of 1 of 3 items, your choice being;

- A bracelet
- A Necklace
- A Plush

Rococo Style Lolita Dress By Bodyline

Estimated Measurements

Size M

Length 95cm
Bust 88-96cm
Waist 70-78cm
Sleeve length 25cm

Price £25 = p&p

Sailor Style Blouse, Btssb style Replica

Size M

Bust 88-96cm
Waist 70-78cm
Sleeve length 25cm

Price £25 + p&p

Brown, with light brown highlights, layered real human hair wig with adjustable straps


Left Side

Right Side



Wig worn once for an event (Comes with Wig Cap and Wig Bag)

£50 + p&p

(If you need more images of any of these items, contact me and I will let you know - I may accept parcel trades :3 thank wu)

Tags: !ds, baby the stars shine bright, bodyline
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