lisa_candycane (lisa_candycane) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB: parasols, capes, earmuffs, blouses, skirts, jsks and Vampire reqiuem red

so its finally winter, and its cold outside. so i really need a cape and earmuffs.
what im looking for is black items.

also ive been looking for a parasol. i want a black ruffly parasol like this one from baby:
if you have another parasol black parasol let me seeeee :3

when it comes to blouses i really want something ATTP'ish in either black or white
with ruffles and blondes... like this:

skirts: i really want a plain black skirt. or just a skirt with a white print.

Bags: i want a bag with space so it can hold, makeup, phone and stuff like that.

also i want a black jsk. maybe something like this:

and i really really really want the vampire requiem long or short jsk in red.
name your price.

is it just me or does the model look like mana-sama? 


Tags: !wtb, alice and the pirates
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