Shu (xmidarex) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

Angelic Pretty one piece

A lovely example of Angelic Pretty's older sweet styles. It has a very flattering sweetheart neckline and the neck and sleeve holes have elastic in them for a comfortable fit. I would estimate it to best fit a 32" - 36" bust, there is no shirring to this dress and it zips up at the back.

Asking $120 +shipping to you.

Innocent World high boots

I have personally never worn these shoes, though you can see use and slight wear in the laces. They are a true white and fit extremely true to size, 22.5cm or US5. These are meant to come up to just below your knees.

Asking $50 +shipping to you. Price is non-negotiable for the boots.

Rose haircombs

These beautiful haircombs were commissioned off someone on the community. The roses are excellent quality are not cheap-feeling or plasticky.

I will only sell them together for $10 +shipping to you (or for only $5 if they are purchased with the other two items in the sales post).


Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, innocent world
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