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DS: HeartE, IW, Btssb, Chocomint, SPR

Please Read This First!

★Paypal only!
★Prices include paypal fees, but not shipping - please ask for a quote
★I am not responsible for lost mail - please purchase tracking if you're worried about that
★Priority goes to whoever can pay first
★I will do holds with a non-refundable deposit of 50%
★I am willing to consider reasonable offers
★I'm not particularly interested in trades
★Feedback can be found at my journal here and at eglfeedback here.
★Please ask if you have any questions!

**Please Note**
I'm currently at home for Thanksgiving break and do not have the SPR items with me, so those cannot be shipped until next Monday. The rest is here with me, however, and can be shipped asap.

HeartE Skirt/IW Socks SET

bustle back
bow detail
lace detail
tiny stain [paint?] on front
snag in lace on socks [not visible when worn]
Very old HeartE collection, possibly fall 2005 [bought at Closet Child in Harajuku in spring 2006]
Socks bought new from IW in early 2007
Both have been worn many times, but are in great condition
Waist - MAX 27" [recommended 25" or below - there is NO shirring]


Baby, the stars shine bright Skirt/Chocomint Necklace SET

Necklace has been superglued back together, no visible damage
Waist - MAX 27" [recommended 25" or below - NO shirring]



bought brand-new from CDJapan, worn several times
SPR size S


SEX POT ReVeNGe Bandana
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