converting all to shinee-ism. (jjongkeyasaurus) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
converting all to shinee-ism.

ds: fantastic dolly,memorial cake,dreamy doll house

-paypal only
-Willing to ship worldwide
-price are negotiable
-paypal fees are not included in the price
-I do have a dog though I keep her away from my closet
-I will handwash/or take the dress to the cleaners before shipping.
-I live in a smoke free house
-priority goes to whoever can pay first.

Sorry my camera's broken so I had to resort to using my cellphone. ):
and I realized doing a proof pic would be kind of pointless since my cell pics all ways come out looking like crap
but I guess that's the only way to prove ownership so I did a quick sign. >.>

I only tried it on it  still has the tags I'm asking $360 for the set

okay so this picture I took when I first go the dress last year so it's decent. XD

I've only worn this a couple of times so it's in really condition I'm asking $230

picture taken last year. :)

I'm asking $350 for the set 

Tags: !ds, angelic pretty
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