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Found a present~! Thank you

WTB: Moi-même-Moitié, h.NAOTO etc. Bags, Accessory, maybe others

Hey Dears,
I am looking for a christmas present!
For that I have some more things that could be in interest, but I am very open minded to equal offers!
Just be not shy.
The price can be up to 140€/ 190US$.
Maybe even some higher prices, too depending of what you have to offer.
I life in Germany, every transaction abroad will be paid via Paypal.

Feel free to offer me anything you think it could be in my interest!
And please tell me with your offer the shipping costs from your country! (normal + express)

My feedback:

Items that are in generell interes:

1. Item: brand gothic/ egl bag

some examples, what I would like/ style guide


(2nd picture is taken of my poupeefriend 蒔織)

(picture is taken of my poupeefriend vanilla)


Or anything in that style. Leather handbags would be prefered.

2. Item: Moitié accessory - black only

some examples, what I would like/ style guide

Chocker or haircombs/ hairaccessory

3. Item: egl shoes

have to fit for 24cm size


4. Item: brand or offbrand egl/ega/ gothiclolita clothing
JSK's/ OP's or skirts - mostly black

Favourite brands for that would be:
Moi-même-moitié, h.Naoto, Putumayo, Marble
Indie brands like:
R-Series, Dear Celine, Infanta, Rose Melody

The measures have to fit for:
Burst: 96cm

Waist: 79cm

Just clothes in the styles, that are named above~

That's it!
And don't forget:
Tell me your country and shipping costs for every offer

~Thank you~


Tags: !wtb, an-ten-na, dear celine, h.naoto, indie brand, infanta, marble, moi-meme-moitie, offbrand, putumayo, r-series, rose melody
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