athena (philomeliann) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB: no longer looking for anything!

I am no longer taking any sales! I have ordered from Bodyline instead. Thank you for offering!
my feedback:

I'm looking for:

- classical or sweet
- black, beige, ivory, or white long sleeved blouses
- black, beige, ivory, white, navy, wine/burgundy/bordeaux floral, patterned, or non-printed skirts/jsks
(not only limited to those colors, but I need colors that would work with black)

my measurements:
bust: 31
waist: 25
height: 5'3

I'm mainly looking for closet builders/fillers. I like simple yet pretty pieces. I don't want offbrand. I'm looking for things like Taobao stores, Bodyline, AH, F+F, etc. I'm offering around $15-25 for the blouses and $15-30 for the skirts/jsks, but I would be willing to pay more if you have something I really like. I only want things that are brand new or only worn a few times. I'm not too picky about the length of skirts/jsks. As long as it goes past my knees and doesn't hit my calves when it isn't supposed to, I'm fine.

Tags: !wtb, anna house, bodyline, hmhm, offbrand, victorian maiden

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