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DS: Resin Jewelry Lucky Packs

Important info!
Wow :O These actually all sold out in less than 30 minutes! Thank you sooo much everyone <3

Now that the holidays are coming up, I'll be releasing a limited amount of lucky packs, perfect to give away as a gift, or to keep for yourself! The lucky pack will contain a number of hand made items, like the kind featured in my shop, Ophanim. These are all perfect finishing touches for the Classic or even Gothic Lolita. Each lucky pack will contain at least 2 items that are made with hand poured resin featuring real rose petals suspended within!

Each lucky pack will contain:
1 necklace
1 brooch
1 ring
1 hair clip
1 more ring or another hair clip
1 cell phone charm

Here are some photos of the various pieces of jewelry you could be getting in your lucky pack!

You can see more examples of my jewelry in my shop.

Lucky packs are priced at $20 and contain at least $40 worth of items from my shop.

Shipping and handling is as follows:
To the US- $3 for 1 pack, $5 for 2 packs
Outside of the US- $6 for 1 pack, $9 for 2 packs

Since this is a lucky pack, you may not pick and choose pieces. What you get is supposed to be a surprise!
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