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Urgent DS -- 20% reduction and more -- Deco, AP cardigan + chiffon skirt, offbrand stuff

Shopping Directions + Thread Rules

♬ Items are being shipped from USA, 37130. ♬
♬ Shipping is calculated by weight and use of protective materials If you are an international buyer please let me know before you offer!
♬ I have plenty of positive feedback ♬

☆ Please remember that the listed price does not include your shipping or PayPal fees.☆

If there are more than one person interested in an item -- person who can offer most + pay will get it (This only applies BEFORE the sale is made -- I can't believe I have to stress this... ಠ_ಠ! ...)

*added* Due to there being moderated posts, most of the time they're not approved until after I'm asleep. That being the case, Item goes to the person who is communicating while I'm awake. I don't do first person who asks about the item gets it, because then I'll never be able to sell anything at all! If you want the item 100% and not backing out, please post your paypal address!!! I hope you guys understand. :(

Please Use this form:

LJ Username:

I don't know when the moderators will post this, so please use that form so I know if you're interested in buying!!

Unless I have a DT specifically up -- I am NOT looking to trade. At all.

☆ Please tell me where you are located before you post so I can calculate your shipping!!! Thankyou! (unless it is already listed!) ☆

♬ I Only accept Payments by Paypal ~ sorry no Echecks at this time!!! ♬

Very Berry Red - DS Lite Case v.2

My Price: $34 + 6 dollars shipping USA // quote for international
NOW: $25.00 USD
Condition: NEW

This is the second version of the very berry red case that was made and posted to EGL. :) It's the only red set I have left! Super cute, will fit the DS lite.

Sweet Pink Rose and Jelly - DS Lite Case

My Price: $32 + 6 dollars shipping USA // quote for international

NOW: $22.00 USD

Condition: NEW

Again, another version of the first case posted to EGL but this time with jellies! Aren't they cute? Will fit the DS lite.

Cards and Pudding Chocolate Mirror

My Price: $12 + 5 dollars shipping USA // quote for international

NOW: $9.60

Condition: NEW

This sweet chocolate mirror is compact enough for purses, but large enough to dazzle!

Black Angelic Pretty Bow Cardigan

My Price: $100.00 + 5$ shipping USA// Quote for international shipping


SOLD to pakiren

will fit up to a 40'' bust

Condition: pretty much brand new -- only tried on, excellent condition

More pictures!:

(same as white cardigan -- here are pictures from the last one that I sold!)

Front detail:

Back detail:

Blue Delias Size XS cardigan/cutsew in light blue

My Price: $9.00 + 5$ shipping USA// Quote for international shipping

NOW $7.20

Condition: NWOT

Never got the chance to wear it -- this is perfect for under a JSK or on a skirt! It is very very small however, so it's better for people who can fit into S and XS.

Angelic Pretty White Chiffon and lace Strawberry Skirt

My Price: $100.00 + 7.50 dollars shipping USA // quote for international

NOW 80.00

Condition: New - never worn - display only

This skirt is so sweet! :( I am sadly too large for it -- and I didn't have the heart to alter it -- so it's been sitting neatly in my closet and has not been taken outside or worn at all. The fabric is Chiffon and it has printed a sweet berry design with small delicate flowers. I didn't normally like non border all over prints, but this skirt is so soft and sweet -- it really could be worn with just about anything! The lace is really delicate -- and very soft to the touch. It is a relatively small skirt -- I'd say approx 26 inches max. Even though there is half shirring in it, the band is really small -- flat measured it went to a 25 with me gently pressing the shirring. Waisties and brooch do come with it!

Thankyou Guys so much for looking!!!

Tags: !ds, *plus size, angelic pretty, handmade, offbrand

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