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DS: Lowered Prices, AP, Baby, Secret Shop

~I take paypal for payment. Fees are included in the item price.
~Shipping is not included in the price. I have provided a quote with the item price.
~I am not responsible for items once they leave my hands. Please purchase insurance if you are concerned.
~I am open to offers, but priority goes to whomever offers the asking price.
~Priority goes to whomever leaves their paypal and location first.
~I am not interested in trades at this time, thank you.
~Feedback is here:

Angelic Pretty Items

Tiara Rose Frill JSK in Pink
Purchased new and worn twice by myself. It is in excellent condition with no flaws that I could find. It includes the waist ties.
Bust 40 max
Waist Free

Price: $180 (Shipping US $12, International $40)

Lace Pearl Headbow
I purchased this new at PMX last year and have used it several times, but it is still in excellent condition and was always worn over wigs. There is wire in the loops so you can shape it a bit.

Price: $22 (Shipping US $6, International $14)

Rhinestone and Satin Bow
Purchased last year at PMX and worn several times. It is still in excellent condition.

Price: $18 (Shipping US $6, International $14)

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright

Rose Ribbon Gingham JSK in Pink
I purchased this off of auction and wore it twice. It is a very popular dress and I had a long time finding it, but I just don't like how it looks on me. It is in excellent condition.
This dress is fully shirred in the bust so it can fit up to around a 44 inch bust (possibly more, but I'm not sure). The waist is free.

Price: $200 (Shipping US $12, International $40)

Secret Shop
Elegant Heart Shoes in Pink Size L (24.5 cm) ::sold::
I have worn these twice, but my style is going in a different direction. They are in excellent condition, the only flaw is a few scuffs on the inside which are shown in the photos. They also include the pearl chains, I just never wore them.

Price: $40 (Shipping US $12, International $40)

Thank you very much!
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