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!WTB black shoes size UK6/US8/EU39


1 - I live in France, please if you make me an offer, it as to be shipping and other fees (like paypal fees) included
2 - As I don't want to pay for expensive as hell custom fees, everything I order from outside Europe has to be shipped as gift with a custom declared value of max 25$/20$ for North America and Japan, 15$/10$ if you're from China/HK. If you don't agree with this rule, I'm sorry but we can't do business together =(
3 - I don't mind small flaws or wear signs at all BUT please tell me what they are before we agree on something
4 - I'm looking for second hand items because I don't earn that much money and don't mind clothes being worn before if still a lot of life left to it. Please make reasonable offers.
5 - EGL Feedback Page

I'm looking for a new pair of shoes. It has to:
- be plain black (I may consider grey and red but no other colors)
- fit me: US8 / UK6 / EU39 - JP??? + I have pretty wide feet
- be really comfortable, as I don't drive, I walk a looooot + my feet are kind of sensitive so I definitely need something comfy!
- be without heels. I have back problems and therefore can't tolerate any heels even small ones. Flat is indeed ok. Wedge/platform is also ok.
- be suitable for my loli outfit but also for when I'm wearing a suit for work (meaning it has to look good both with a loli skirt and under a pair of casual pants)
- keep me warm this winter (so no ballerinas, sandals or other summer shoes)

I really like shoes with bows.

I wanted to buy those Bodyline shoes because a friend has them and told me they are comfy but they are out of stock. So I'm considering buying Secret Shop Tea Party shoes (flat ones) but not sure as I've read awful things sometimes happens with this brand. (Plus I've been in China this summer and I've seen how crappy what they make can be so I'm kinda afraid of Chinese products quality since that...). But before making a decision, I thought, why not ask the comm?

Anyone has shoes for me??? é_è

(ps: I'll make a proper WTB post in December but if you have cheap (so offbrand is indeed totally fine) plain black clothes that can help me stay warm such has cardi, parka or maybe blouses, feel free to contact me ^^ I'm 96/82cm bust/waist ^^)

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