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!DS: Atelier Boz, Angelic Pretty, Excentrique!

Hello all! I just came back from Tokyo about a week and a half ago, with goodies that just aren't quite my style! I'm back into lolita again after retiring in 2006, and now I know I'm definitely more sweet lolita, so I'd like to go ahead and sell these ASAP so I can move along to rebuilding my sweet collection :)

*All items are dark black, but I used high res on my D5000 so the details would be more clear! Everything is a strong, dark color, so no worries about that! :)

*All prices include shipping via USPS with tracking and confirmation *inside* the USA! Since I haven't sold on EGL since I retired back in 2006, I'd like to make sure everything goes quickly and smoothly, so I prefer to sell within the USA. But I will consider international buyers as a last resort- just keep in mind, things take longer to get to you from here! :) I love you guys hah, but I hope you understand it is just easier to ship domestically than internationally!

*I can't do holds for longer than this Friday (November 26th) at noon. And for this sale, I can't do payment plans. I'm sorry!

*Paypal only please! :)

*I ship super quick, and if you pay tonight or tomorrow morning, your items will go out tomorrow! :)

*I do have dogs, but they are not allowed anywhere near the part of the house where I store my clothing! :)

*I will sell to the person that agrees to buy at the asking price, but I will consider other *reasonable* offers :) I don't inflate the prices of my items! I actually tend to round down, since brand new or not, the paper store tags may not be attached any longer!

*My feedback page is here: Feedback for me!

If you haven't noticed, it is currently empty :/ I sold a lot on here back in 2006 with 100% positive feedback, but that feedback can no longer be accessed, sadly. So here is my feedback on Ebay and Etsy:

Etsy Feedback!
Ebay Feedback!

*Once I accept your offer, PM me your Paypal address and I will invoice you!

Onto the items! :)

Atelier Boz Black Jacket/Vest Combo and Atelier Boz Black Corset Skirt SOLD!

The jacket was purchased from Closet Child in Harajuku. It is in perfect condition, and I can find no flaws with it whatsoever! It is completely clean! The skirt I purchased new at the Atelier Boz boutique in Marui 0101. They took the tags off of the skirt, however, but it will come with the original bag! :)

Please go by the measurements on the website! They are completely accurate! For additional reference, all of these pieces fit me, and I am a 27" waist and a 34C chest, and I would *NOT* go any higher than those, or the fit will be poor! Even at a 34C chest, the vest is just a tad tight!!! I'd recommend it for chest sizes at or smaller than a 34C. The skirt is a corset skirt, so it will be tight fitting! It has elastic at the back and corset strings, so size is flexible, but you want to be at or under the suggested measurements for this one, or the skirt will gape at the front. It has both hook closures and snap closures.

Jacket: store pictures & measurements
Skirt: store pictures & measurements

This is sold as a set!

Price for the set: $400.00

Angelic Pretty Hair Bows SOLD!

Purchased at the Angelic Pretty at Marui 0101! Unfortunately, I have short hair, so these are useless to me- I don't know why I didn't think of that *before* I bought them :P Adorable though! Brand new, no tags though, they took them off when I bought them :/

Price for Bows: $26.00

Excentrique Skirt

Last but not least, my favorite! Excentrique skirt in black velvet, brand new, with tags! I love it, and I bought a complete outfit there, but the corset I bought covers the buttons at the top of the skirt, when they deserve to be seen! So I'll need something different :/ But I will say this- Excentrique quality if stunning- hands down the nicest lolita items I've ever worn! I hate to sell this one, but it just won't work for me :( I'll include the catalog that came with it for the buyer :) This will comfortable fit a 24" to 28" waist! :) It does have elastic at the back, so you might be able to do 29", but I don't know how comfortable it will be...

Price for Excentrique Skirt: $185.00

That's it guys! On the 1/1000 of a chance that someone that wants to buy these items wants to trade for something on this list, I'm open! :)

Looking for:

*Angelic Pretty Milky Planet Halter JSK in black w/matching socks
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