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Accounts Receivable

DS/DS: Angelic Pretty! 20% Reductions

**Feedback can be found here.
**PayPal ONLY; e-checks okay, but item will not be shipped until cleared
**Price includes PP fee and shipping within the US
**Inquire for international shipping quote--I ONLY SHIP WITH TRACKING
**International buyers are responsible for cross-border PayPal fees
**All prices are negotiable, however...
**priority goes to the first person to leave paypal address paying full price
**Please DO NOT PM me! I'd like to keep all my sales public :)
**Measurements are very amateur, but I try my best to be accurate!
**I am definitely interested in trading! I am not interested in sweet items at this time, however.

Angelic Pretty Miracle Candy OP in black with matching socks - $275 $225
Bought second hand, only worn myself three times. In excellent condition. Socks have never been worn by me, but were bought used. Still in great condition. No shirring. Waist ties are removable.

Bust: ~36in
Waist: ~28.5in


Picture of dress worn.

Angelic Pretty Heavy Winter Coat in dark blue/red tartan - $250 $200
This coat is HEAVY! Super warm during the winter, even in snow! It has a "worn" feel to it, as it is an older coat, but it is still in excellent condition. The faux fur collar is detachable. One of the inside buttons is a little loose (as pictured below), but it is an easy fix.

Bust: 33-35in
Waist: 26-29in

Close-up of front. Faux fur collar. Back. Loose button.
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