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DS/DT: Angelic pretty, H.naoto cage WTB:Casual/punk lolita clothes

Prices are in usd
Prices don't include shipping.
I can ship asap.(usually the day of or after payment depending on the time)
Everything was bought second hand.

Fist I have an H.naoto cage apron. I only have the apron. Only tried on as I don't have anything to really wear it with.

Pretty much free size since you just tie it around yourself with waist straps.

Next is an H.naoto Frill jsk (Pictures by previous owner) Again only tried on, doesn't fit my bust.

Back Detail Worn(not by me or previous owner)
I don't recommend it to anyone with a 38+ bust. It felt fine around the waist at around 30inchs though.

Last is the Angelic pretty Wonder cookie jsk in Sax. Only tried on, wanted to see if I could rock sweet or OTT but turns out I can't too well.

up to 100 bust
up to 82 waist

Proof of everything:
H.naoto cage apron
H.naoto jsk
Ap Wonder cookie in sax


Stuff I want to trade for/buy:

Here is an older WTB post of mine: casual-type things
I prefer skirts to be tiered. I'm also looking for punk lolita clothes. I like H.naoto and Putumayo but not limited to that. :)

My measurements:

Waist: around 30inch smaller with cincher
Bust: around 38inch

Thank you!
Tags: !ds, !dt, !wtb, angelic pretty, h.naoto, putumayo
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