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DS: H.naoto, Dark Red Rum, Sixh., Alice & the Pirates

poupeegirl fashion brand community

Paypal preffered- but Money Order is OK.
No returns/All sales final.
Offers are OK but first to pay full price will get priority on items.

HOLD POLICY: I will ONLY hold if you put a deposit down. This deposit is non-refundable. I do not do returns. So if you are sure you want the item, this option is for you. I am willing to take multiple payments if you cannot afford one down payment. You must finish paying before the item is shipped. I have had successful transactions in this manner and am willing to work with buyers to get the items they want. ONLY buyers with positive feedback allowed. All transactions must be at minimum $75 to use this option.

By default, shipping within US will be First class. Shipping internationally will be airmail. If you want Priority mail or EMS, please state that when ordering.

Comment below with any questions! Thanks! ♥

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♪♫ Make an Offer ♫♪
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Or a counter-offer will be made! ♥

If you right click and "View Image" the images will be larger :)

Alice and the Pirates Ribbon Mad Hatter Top Hat $225 or best offer + shipping + pp-fee
The very very hard to find Mad Hatter Ribbon Top Hat- I have not completely decided if I am to sell it yet, but if you are interested, please let me know. It's a gorgeous "mini" top hat- It's not quite a mini one, but not a full one either- it's in between. It's been featured in many magazines- this one is brand new. Only tried on, never worn out.

Alice and the Pirates "This is My Blood" Shoulder/Hand Bag $200 or best offer + shipping + pp-fee
This is a super rare hand bag from when AATP first started out. It was pretty hard to get it when it first came out, and this color way sold out first. It's still like new. I've used it here and there but in general is almost like new. It has the original key to lock it as well still with it- and it opens up like a medical bag. It has one zip pocket at the front.

H.naoto HN+NOIS Black Eyepatch Bunny Bag $90 or best offer + shipping + pp-fee
A cute bunny bag made by H.naoto~! It opens up via the zipper on his belly~ Like new- used once or twice for a few hours.

H.naoto Sixh. Mint Fall 2009 Parka $80 or best offer + shipping + pp-fee
This item sold out on pre-order immediately last year! It is super warm and a cute 3/4 crop sleeved parka. I love it but I unfortunately have way too many jacket-type things and need to clean out a little :) My loss is your gain! It's so cute. Fits up to 39" bust and 34" high waist. Has a hood and double zipper with the Sixh. logo on the sleeve.

H.naoto Dark Red Rum Shoulder Purse $85 or best offer + shipping + pp-fee
Beautiful Dark red rum bag by H.naoto! I don't really want to part with it- but I never use it and I own way too many H.naoto bags~ so I'm offering this one up for sale :) It's beautiful and has only been used a few times. It has 2 button pockets on each side, a large messenger pocket, and a smaller buttoned pocket on the back side.

H.naoto Sixh. Mint 2009 Winter Vest $45 or best offer + shipping + pp-fee
Worn a few times last year~ still in good condition. Has a few tiny pills due to the fabric being a loose weave, but 90% of the garment is still in the same condition it was when I bought it. Looks great with any casual outfit~ for guys or girls :) Free size (seriously.)

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