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Innocent World GO! Reminder

REMINDER! Join deadline is in two days!

- Feedback: 35+ positive, no negative or neutral
I have never held a GO before, but I have sold a lot through the sales_comm, been in a handful of other GOs, and have ordered from IW.
- I take paypal only

- SiteInnocent World Homepage

- Start join date: Nov. 13th, 2010
- End join date: Nov. 22rd, 2010
- Payment deadline: Nov. 24th, 2010 
- Order placement: Nov. 25th, 2010
Dates are subject to change a day or two in case life rears its ugly head; I will inform all participants of any delays.

- Open to: USA preferred.
- GO fee: $4 if under $100. 3.5% of item total if over $100. 
- Slot number: 5 people; but I may add more depending on our $ total, so don't hesitate to ask.

-Comment/PM me with:
  • Your email, paypal address, zip code, preferred method of contact(email, PM, comment, etc), and whether or not you want to be invoiced or will send payment as a gift (if you choose to send it as a gift to avoid fees, I'll also need your full address)
  • A link to your item
  • The item's name
  • The colourway and size/length (if there are different sizing/length options)
  • All the information in the highlightable box
-I will add you to the list with your item number.

-After the joining deadline ends, I will invoice you for your total, or I'll send you my paypal address with your total if you chose to send it via gift. Your first invoice consists of:
  • Your total item cost(s)
  • GO fee
  • Overseas shipping (which is divided between all participants)
- I will place the order with IW, and inform everyone when our order goes through or if there are issues.

- Package arrives. I will separate everything and make sure everything is included, as well as inform when it arrives and/or if there are items missing.
  • In the event that we are hit with custom fees (which doesn't happen to often in the US, but just in case), the fee will be divided between all participants. 
- I will contact everyone to ask their preferred method of shipping (first class, priority, etc), and then send the second invoice for domestic shipping.

- Ship everything out!
Order example:

Paypal Address:
ZIP: 00000
Contact method: comment or PM
Payment: Invoice

Item Link:
Item Name: Lyra Jumperskirt
Colourway/size/length: Chocolat (no size/length option)
Info: 103722 Lyra Jumperskirt 5 ¥20,790
Item Link:
Item Name: 2 WAY Party Bag
Colourway/size/length: Chocolatxpink  (no size/length option)
Info: 103944 2 WAY Party Bag 54 ¥10,290
Item Link:
Item Name: Little Bird Cameo OP
Colourway/size/length: Bordeaux/M (no length option)
Info: 103605 Little Bird Cameo Onepiece 0/M ¥24,990


1. ruin_hci (1 item)
2. ukoku  (2 items)
3. jumpthetrack  (1 item)
4. kittykarla  (1 item)


If you have any questions or concerns, please ask, thank you!

EDIT: In regards to the post ban from Japan to the US, I have contacted IW about it. I'll update here with their response. I'm hoping the ban will be lifted by the time we place our order, but if not, I'll contact everyone to see how long everyone is willing to wait (maybe a week longer than scheduled will be the max). I will not ask for any payments until I know that our stuff can be shipped here, so if you still want to join, just pm me what you'd like so you can claim a slot on the list.
EDITEDIT:Got an email back from IW: 

We inquired the Japanese Postal Service about this and they told us that
we are included in the registered shippers, so we can still ship our
packages to the US like usual.

Thanks a lot for informing us about this. We will state on our website
about this and that our shipping to the US is still possible.

Best wishes,
Innocent World


xposed to [info]egl_group_order 
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