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DS: Huge closet cleaning sale with reduced prices

Payment and shipping:

* All prices are in euros and don't include shipping cost
* I accept Paypal and bank transfer
* I ship from Finland


I have a feedback page in eglfeedback community and I also have lots of positive feedback in my selling journal:

Here are all clothes and accessories that I have left from my previous sale posts. I've reduced all prices as I just need to get some space in my closet and I'm also open to offers.

If you're interested in commissioning please take a look at my journal for prices and examples of my previous work:


* Bolero #001
- Short bolero with wide sleeves. Fastening with little hooks. Measurements: bust 85cm, length of the sleeves 65cm.

Price: 15e
More pictures:

* Top #001
- Sleeveless top with narrow rose lace and white eyelet lace.Measurements: bust 86cm, waist 68cm, length 44cm.

Price: 15e

* Skirt #001 + matching headbow #004
- Ruffled hem with a layer of black lace. Measurements: waist 65cm, length 54cm.

Price: 20e

* Skirt #007
- 3-layered skirt with white lace. Elastic waist. Measurements: waist 64cm (stretches), length 53cm.

Price: 18e
More pictures:

* Skirt #011
- Pleated skirt in classic lolita style. Measurements: waist 64cm, length 49cm.

Price 18e

* Blackxgrey high-waisted plaid skirt with wide scotty dog border print
- Measurements: waist 72cm, length 54cm.

Price: 18e

* Blackxgrey plaid skirt with narrow scotty dog border print.
- Measurements: Waist 72cm, length 48cm.

Price: 18e

* Strawberry skirt with offwhite daisy lace
- Measurements: Elastic waist, approx. 70-90cm, length 50cm.

Price: 18e

* 2-layered blue x white skirt with white lace
- Measurements: waist 66cm, length 50cm.

Price: 18e

Hair accessories:

* Bow 001
- Three layered sidebow mounted on a cotton covered headband. I have enough cake fabric for 8 headbows, price for one bow is 13e.

* Bow #002
- Big bow with venise lace. Mounted on a cotton covered headband.

Available in:
redxwhite, price 12e

* Bow #003
- Big bow with grosgrain ribbon. Mounted on a cotton covered headband.

Available in:
blackxred, price 10e

* Bow #004
- Big bow mounted on a cotton covered headband.

Available in:
light blue (strawberry print), price 10e

* Bow #006
- Big bow with white daisy lace. Mounted on a cotton covered headband.

Available in:
light bluexwhite, price 11e
pinkxwhite (dessert print), price 12e SOLD!

* Bow #007
- Big bow with really wide, off-white lace. Mounted on a cotton covered headband.

Available in:
pinkxoff-white, price 12e
blackxoff-white (slightly bigger than the pink bow, see picture), price 12e

* Bow #008
- Big side bow that's made of white cotton lace. Both the bow and the headband feature narrow grosgrain ribbon.

Price: 12e

* Bow #009
- Big sidebow with grosgrain ribbon and white laces.

Available in:
blackxwhite, price: 13e SOLD!
bluexwhite, price: 14e

More pictures:

Comb #003
- Hair combs with white cotton laces.

Available in:
blackxwhite, price 8e/pair
light blue polka dot, price 9e/pair

Headdress #004
- Headdress with heart applications and white cherry lace. Trimmed with grosgrain ribbon.

Available in:
red polkadot, price 14e
white, price 13e

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