konbanwa_megami (konbanwa_megami) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DT/DS White IW blouse size L and more

-Shipping price is not included and I ship from Fl, USA.
-I have one cat in my apartment in case you have allergies but I try to keep her away from the clothing.
-Priority goes to the first person to leave their paypal and pay full price.
-My feedback: community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/468901.html

For trade my measurements are:
Bust 88cm, Waist 72cm

1. I got this blouse in the recent lucky pack and I'm hoping someone with a size M IW blouse is looking for a L size ^ ^;;

Bust: 48 cm flat
Waist: 41 cm flat
Sleeve length: 58.5 cm

If I can't find a trade I'd let it go for $85

2. I also have this puppy face cloth for $15 (brand new)

Cute IW heart ring $15 (brand new)

3. small pale pink IW planner $30 (brand new)

4. IW ice cream socks $30 (brand new never worn)

Here are some of my old sales:
(some plus sized brand)

(btssb bag, cutsew, some f+f stuff)

Tags: !da, !ds, innocent world
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