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DS ~ * chocomint inspired brooche/hairclips * ~

Feedback: here

Prices include shipping:  regular mail from the Netherlands to Europe.  ( around 2,50 to give you an idea about how much shipping actually is)
I do not ship to Italy, I am very sorry but I just find it to troublesome. 
Outside europe please add 1 euro for shipping.
Making and shipping these might cost me two weeks. Please keep this in mind.

After this post on the egl com I decided to put these up for sale.
Everything is hand made so there could be some small imperfections eventhough I try to make them as nice as possible :)
Both versions are 7 euro, please keep in mind this includes shipping inside europe and paypal fees!
If you are interested please comment with your paypal adres and the colour you would like.

Chocomint inspired brooche/hairclip 
Gold puffy star, gold chain with gold glitter star and pearl chain.

Chocomint inspired brooche/hairclip
Silver/pink puffy star, pink chain with pink glitter star and pearl chain.


Tags: !ds, chocomint, handmade
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