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QUICK DS : Some Handmade Skirts

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All prices are listed in USD including shipping within Canada & USA. I will not be responsible for items after they have been shipped.
No refunds or exchanges.

Old sales

Some handmade skirts sitting in my closet that are not getting any wear at all.
Feel free to make me an offer.
These skirts aren't lined. All with a invisible side zipper, eye & hook closure.

1. red parfait skirt $35
waist : 66cm→75cm
length: 57cm

2. black parfait skirt $35
waist : 66cm→75cm
length: 57cm

3. white jewel butterfly skirt $40
waist : 68cm→74cm
length: 51cm

4. fruits parfait skirt $40
waist : 70cm→84cm
length: 53cm

5. animal skirt $40
waist : 68cm→78cm
length: 50cm

6. floral skirt $20
waist : 70cm→74cm
length: 51cm

Tags: !ds, handmade
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