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Ss: Shopping service redirect

Hey everyone,

I know A lot of the girls on here are from the USA and I'm sure by now Evryone is aware of the band Japan has going.

In order to help a Friend and Be kind to thy neighbours I have arranged a forwarding Service with Chibi_tenshi. I am also willing to arrange services with others.

How it works:
She ships your normal package to me. I DO NOT open it. I re-wrap it in new packing paper and slap the label on to you. We will prearrange which type of shipping to the usa you want and because Chibi_tenshi already knows the weight shipping can be prepaid along with 10-13 dollar fee. It will be shipped out same or next day by me. Only delays will be lack of payment or duty fees.

I am currently looking into mutiple shipping options, as I am a business here i do save money at canada post which will help shippping prices from here to the usa. (I am located in toronto which is a pretty good place to ship from to the usa)

You will still be able to order from great services like chibi_tenshi and Avoid super high fees from business versions or Mai Ozawa who charges 20% on your items..  On a personal note, I'd prefer to give the small shopping service people a chance still as they do a lot of work for very little money and have been nothing but helpful to us all.

Normal fees with chibi_tenshi or any other personal shopping service, this has nothing to do with me
6 dollars for my travel to the post office
price of shipping from canada to the usa ( surface, aire, expedia, express ~ i can offer dhl and fedex if wanted)
4 dollars for small items, 7 dollars for large packages. (difference is how i get to the post office and how much i must spend on re-packaging)

duty** if i am hit by duty by chance you will have to pay this, I recommend buying ems and having packages marked down to the tee to avoid this problem.


My feedback:



so to do a run through,

say someone buys a jsk from a shopping service, they do the normal service fee and instead of charging shipping to the usa you charge them for shipping to toronto(to me). THan they notify me with the weight and i will talk to the buyer about shipping from canada to the usa, Here we have several options, surface(2-4 weeks), air(1-2 weeks though this one is often less than a week) expedia(5-10 days) and express (1-3 days),prority (next day or overnight) fedex and dhl have all the same options too.

you can see rates here roughly : http://www.canadapost.ca/cpotools/apps/far/personal/findARate?execution=e1s1
example jsk :
weight about 500grams in a box 8 by 10' by 4 to florida (its one of the farest places)
priority: 62
express: 29
expedia: 17
air: 10
surface: 8

once the buyer has chosen, i charge them shipping + my fee (10-13 dollars) + pp fees (if they don't send to me as a gift).

once the package comes to me, the day of i will wrap it up in new packaging and create a new label (which the shopping service can provide me if they have special labels if not i will make it on my own) and than i ship it out the day of or the next day if the post office is closed before i get home. I will notify the ss and the buyer it has reached me and been shipped out by me. Than once they recieve it they can leave both ss and i feedback for the services.


if you have any questions please feel free to ask ^_^
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