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DS: sold, thanks!

Bought two blouses off the comm earlier this year but I much prefer cardigans. No worn pictures because I haven’t worn either except to try them on once.
Both blouses fit me comfortably at 37” bust, with room to spare. I can try to find an absolute max if necessary.
Paypal only - no Paypal fees charged.
My feedback is here

Prices include priority shipping (USPS, no tracking) within the US. Add $6 to Canada/Mexico or $9 to all other countries. Items will be shipped on Monday.

This will be my proof:

Anna House Blouse, white, $30 OBO Sold!
Size: L (36” – 38” bust)
Can lace smaller due to corset back.
Condition: good (never worn by me)
Blouse itself is true white, but ribbons and buttons are slightly off-white.
Currently selling on AH site for 260HKD (~$33.50) + shipping

Stock photo:


Fanplusfriend Blouse, black (MM replica), $45 shipped OBO Sold!
Size: “Lady 80” (34” – 39” bust, 27” – 31” waist)
Shirred in the back.
Condition: bought new with tags, tried on once (still has tags)
I received this blouse smelling strongly of perfume or something. I’ve tried to air it out a bit, but don’t know if it helped.

Stock picture:


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