this particular hussy (little_yew) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
this particular hussy

DS: IW & JM Jsk and Skirt (Nothing over $50)

I am selling what is essentially the last of my lolita to help with my mountains of medical bills.

* My feedback can be found here.
* I accept Paypal only but no e-checks.
* I am open to offers.
* I will answer any questions, but I'm not up to physically modelling any of the pieces.
* Shipping is done Priority Mail regardless of location for tracking and insurance purposes.
* Because I am chronically ill, it may take me up to a week (but no longer) to get to the post office.
* Priority goes to the first person to leave their Paypal address.

Innocent World Crown Emblem JSK–SOLD

Jane Marple Rose Embroidered Skirt–SOLD

Tags: !ds, innocent world, jane marple
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