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DS! Well after 4 weeks

I'm really trying to get rid of these items, so depending on the item I might be willing to go a bit lower
I only take PayPal
All items includes the price for shipping and handling only for the US if you are out of the Country please ask me how much shipping would cost. (It will naturally be more generally about $7-10+)
My feedback is here:
I give priority to the first person to comment.

Also if you have any questions or any extra pictures leave a comment and I will try and get back to you as fast as possible. I am in school right now so I might be a bit slower in responding.

1. Off Brand Socks: $10

These have never been used and are bran new. I bought them for a friend but she changed her mind later and I would like to sell them to someone who would wear them. They are very cute but pink is not my color.

2.KERA Magazines: $10 each

The one on the left is from Oc. 2005 (Vol. 86 No. 10) and the one on the right is Aug. 2005 (Vol. 83 No. 8) both are in good condition and nothing has been ripped out of it. They are both full of lovely pictures.

3. BTSSB White Hair bow w/o Tags: $40

It is in great condition, I only wore it two times. I love it but I don't wear it often enough to keep it and I rather someone else who will wear it more often.
I know it is small but here is a picture of me wearing it:

4. h.naoto shirt Small: $80

I only wore this twice and it is in great condition! still looks brand new the two times I wore it was for a short period of time and has been fully cleaned after both times. The shirt originally cost me $140 but since I no longer wear it and it is not my style anymore I would rather someone else use it. It really is a lovely shirt and I hope someone will like it and wear it more often than I did.

Tags: !ds, baby the stars shine bright, h.naoto
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