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DS: Angelic Pretty Fancy Melody Skirt


* All items ship from London, UK
* Price does not include shipping
* I am willing to ship internationally
* Leave your location in the comments and I will find out shipping for you as soon as possible 
* I accept PayPal only
* Priority goes to the one who pays first 
* I'm not responsible for your package anymore once it is shipped.

feedback :

Beautiful skirt that sadly hasn't been worn for 8 months.
Bought when the series was first relased through a service
 It is quite heavy so ideal for winter.
The striped section is not such a bright pink but more of a dusty pink, the other stripes are off white to cream.
The waist ties are removable and feature star buttons to keep them on and cute little pearls on the ends.
The bow is removable, on the back of it is a very small stain about 3-4 mm in length and is so faint my camera cannot pick it up.
waist- approx 28.5" it has a good bit of stretch and is very comfortable
lengh- approx 20


Tags: !ds, angelic pretty
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