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DS or DT: Red and white lolita dress and headdress off-brand (revised price!)

I bought this dress recently and it is too small for me. I'd like to sell it since I have no use for it. I'm also willing to exchange it for other lolita clothes or accessories.

My EGL feedback:

Size: Medium
(I'd say I miss 3 inches in the back for it to fit me and my measurements are 38" for bust and 33" for waist, that sould give you an idea)
Price: 50$ shipping included

You need to know there are 3 visible but correctable flaws in the front and 1 in the back. I'll show them so you know exactly what they are.

So there is a small pen mark on the front but it should be washable with specific cleaning products like 'resolve'.

There is a manufactory default on the right, just before the bottom begins. It is possible to sew it so it doesn't stick out anymore.

And finally, there are small antiperspirant spots under the arms, which should go away with cleanning products too.
(I had the flash on so it seems even whiter but in reality it's not that big)

This is under the dress:

And this is the manufactory default on the back, it is again something that you could sew for it to stop sticking out.

And this is the headdress that comes with it:

If you have any question or if you want to negoticate or exchange, please ask me here or by PM, thank you.
Tags: !ds, offbrand
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