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La Lapine Noir

DS: Angelic Pretty strawberry purse, AP Blouses, offbrand shoes (gothic), 2 AP skirts.

I'll consider reasonable offers. However, I will only ship internationally if the buyer is willing to pay my asking price AND their shipping. You can inquire to see if I will change the price, but for the most part, I can't haggle much with international buyers due to expensive shipping costs.

Payment and Priority
- Priority goes to the first person who can pay my asking price or higher immediately.
- If two people offer the same price, the first person to leave their paypal information will get the item.
- I accept Paypal payments only.
- International shipping cost is not included in my asking price.
- If you want to do a payment plan, I will require a 20% non-refundable deposit. The full price is due within two weeks and I won't hold an item without a deposit.

- Please inform me of your location when you leave your paypal information. I will then calculate shipping for you. If you are okay with the shipping price, I will invoice you. For US orders, standard First Class shipping is included in my asking price.
- I'm a really busy person, so I can only ship out items every few days. If you need an item sooner, please let me know and I will be happy to rush out to the post office for you. :)
- I usually use first class mail. If you require Priority mail, delivery confirmation, or a tracking number, please let me know. For international orders, this may raise your costs quite a bit.

More Information
- Additional pictures and measurements can be taken upon request.
I gleefully accept trades, if your feedback is good! However, I'm very picky. Please keep my wishlist in mind when you offer. Wishlist for Trades:

Gothic~y offbrand shoes:
Asking Price: $25 shipped.
US Size 7
These shoes are beautiful. I bought them from a department store years ago, but never really got around to wearing them but once or twice. They're in great condition, with the only flaw being a bit of fuzz from where the sticker rubbed off on the sole. The heel is around four and a half inches and there is about an inch of platform, too. I think these would be beautiful with a dark style!
Sole Side view

Angelic Pretty Strawberry Purse SOLD
Asking Price: $95 shipped.
I realized that Milky Berry was the only thing I had that really matched it. Considering the price I paid for it, I couldn't really justify keeping it. xD; It's in perfect, like new condition. No dirt or scratches and never worn out by me. :D It's really roomy, too! It can easily fit a cell phone (with a million charms), wallet, DS, ipod, and some makeup.

Angelic Pretty White detachable sleeve Blouse SOLD
Asking Price: $50 shipped.
It's a great blouse! But not much my style anymore. It will come with long, detachable sleeves and it ties in the back with a ribbon. Note, there is some yellowing around the collar and along the front of the blouse from the original owner. I haven't tried to remove the stains yet, but if you'd like I can try to remove them before I ship it out to you. :D Just let me know. Otherwise, the price has already been lowered to reflect the damage.

Angelic Pretty cross neck pink Blouse. SOLD
Asking Price: $50 shipped.
A really cute blouse with sweet crossing detail along the bodice. It also crosses at the neck with ribbon ties. There is a little bit of pulling along the lace of the blouse. I had fixed it quite a bit from the state I got it in from the original owner, but there's still a little pulling. As far as I know, there are no stains, rips or tears in the fabric. Overall, the blouse is in great condition besides the lace pulling. Let me know if you'd like pictures of the pulling. c: On Poupeegirl:

Angelic Pretty Heart Marine Skirt
Asking Price: $85 shipped.
Size: 27" waist with a bit of elastic in the back I'd say it can fit a few more inches. About 23" long, from waist to hem. Comes with waist ties and a detail ribbon. No stains that I'm aware of. Overall great condition.
Stock Photos and additional info:

Angelic Pretty Jewelry Jelly Lavender Skirt SOLD
Asking Price: $120 shipped.
Size: Same as Heart Marine
This print is REALLY adorable up close. I bought it new from a friend and have only worn it out once. I'm afraid I don't have much that matches it, so I would rather have the JSK. It comes with waist ties and an adorable matching ribbon pin that can be taken off and worn anywhere. C:
Stock Photos and additional info:

Thank you for looking! Let me know if you have any questions. :DD
Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, offbrand

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