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!DS: headdresses, mostly offbrand.

hello hello, everyone !
normally, i would not sell on EGL, but since my friend jennifer desperately needs the money,
i am more than willing to do this for her. recently, we found out her dog mallow has an issue with her lower jaw.
mallow is not eating, and has lost so much weight due to the muscle joints in her lower jaw.
i want to help mallow & jennifer in any way i can. thank you for your help !
now on to the sale~

Please read before proceeding:
x i am currently NOT accepting offers from outside the united states. i'm sorry. () i am shipping from livermore, ca.
x i accept payments through paypal only.
x i am currently not accepting trades, sorry.
x all prices are listed in USD, excluding shipping, unless listed.
x my measurements are amateurish, so keep in mind. thanks.
x i do not accept returns for purchases.
x i do own a cat. her name is bagel& she's annoying as a garbage truck in the morning.
x i will take more pictures upon request.
x please allow up to a week for shipping. i am a full-time student with 17 units, and work as well. however, i will make exceptions to those who need it right away for any special events.
x i will make sure all items have little barcode tracking devices on 'em, however, i will not be held responsible when the parcel leaves my hands.
x the little pink guy is my proof ! he doesn't appear in the offbrand parasol pictures. i'm so sorry about that.
x &; most importantly, my feedback page.

Top headdress. (not the circled one.)

Offbrand maxi-pad headdress. $20+shipping

Offbrand parasol

23" inches when closed. $16+shipping

Offbrand half bonnet


Offbrand Headdress.

never worn. only tried on once.

Offbrand school pack from Qutieland.

 $50. shipping included.

Chantilly Bonnet

sexy lace is sexy.
$90.00+$10.00 shipping.

thank you for looking, poppets ! <3
Tags: !ds, offbrand
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