MissLaia (misslaia) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB: AP School bag, Meta Pinafore dress, BTSSB earmuffs, possibly shoes.


Items are listed in order of priority as far as I´m looking for them: earmuffs, Pinafore dress, AP bag and then random shoes. If I get offers for everything (how optimistic of me!), I might have to ask for holds until a week passes, so I don´t pay it all at once?

-->First of all, the BTSSB earmuffs. I´m looking for this model, in black (as I´ve already got the white ones):

No specific budget, just make sure the offers are reasonable, please. :)

-->I would like to buy the Metamorphose Temps de Fille Ribbon Pinafore dress in Navy. I´m only interested in that color. Here´s a picture of what it looks like:

I don´t have a specific very tight budget for it, but I´d like reasonable offers, please, especially if it is used instead of new. I don´t mind if it´s used at all, I just want it to be in good condition.

-->I am looking for an Angelic Pretty Angelic School 2-way school bag. Specifically, in RED. I have the JSK in red, and would like to buy the bag in that color. It looks like this:

I bought the sax blue version of this bag off Fairy Angel recently for around 48 euros (not including shipping), so I´m looking to buy the red one in approximately that price range (I would add more to the final price, naturally, for express shipping to Spain.) I am willing to accept a bit of a price variation margin within those estimates. I´d like it to be in good condition, with (at the very least) no stains or extreme scuffing on the outside of the bag. Alternatively, I would also acept offers for school-type bags in black or white, brand or offbrand.

-->Also, I´m looking for lolita shoes (brand or offbrand) with low to medium heel (no extreme platforms, please) that would fit a European size 38-39. White or black preferably, though I might also look at red or blue, depending on the shoes. Price range: prices that are reasonable according to the shoe.

I am a new user, so I don´t have any feedback on my eglfeedback thread, but a link to my ebay feedback is provided there (feel free to email me on ebay if you want to double-check that it´s my account, I don´t mind): http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/951486.html

Shipping would be to the area of Madrid, Spain. I would pay preferrably through Paypal (you´d send me the invoice after we decided the price) or bank transfer (if you live in Spain).

If you have any of these items, feel free to PM me. Thanks in advance.
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