missdollydolly (missdollydolly) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

ATTN: Seller himonin

I have never posted one of these before as I never though I would have to.
I bought a BtSSB headbow from this user on the 23rd of September and asked her to keep in contact with me until I received said item.
She had posted the bow but said it had bounced back in the mail because she provided an incorrect mailing address, I then gave her the correct one and have been waiting patiently for my item to arrive as she said she re-posted it with no charge to me because of her stuff up.
I asked her to keep in contact with me until I received my bow which I payed more than asking price for so I could secure it as my own.
Now she is not responding to any of my messages.
I think I have been patient enough waiting but it is starting to infuriate me.
If you see this PLEASE contact me right away!
Tags: !attention buyer/seller
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