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DS : Leaving lolita ! Toy Parade, Sugary Carnival, wrist cuffs, cape, more...


Hello everyone !

- No holds.

- Shipping fees are NOT included.

- Paypal only.

My feedback page :



Faux fur capelet

Brand : Baby the Stars Shine Bright

Color : Cream

Condition : Worn once, perfect condition. Removable bow and pearls.

Price: 120€
Now 100€/$136





Toy Parade white OP

Worn once, very good condition, however there is a small tear on the left sleeve. Please see picture for the tear :

Waist ties are included.

Price : 430€/$585




Proof : 

Sugary Carnival blue JSK + headbow

Perfect condition, worn several times, the dress is just a little wrinkled >_<

Waist ties included.

Price : 380€/$520 PENDING


Sugary Carnival pink headbow

Perfect condition, worn only twice.

Price : 30€/$40



Pink wristcuffs, Angelic Pretty

Worn several times but perfect condition

Price : 25€/$35


Thank you for looking !

Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright
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