maroonsparrow (maroonsparrow) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB: Bloomers and Skirts (brand or offbrand)

I would like to stay at around $50 for the bloomers and at or around $100 for the skirt. I'm just looking for some filler peaces so handmade and other off brand peaces are fine. If you have cheaper used brand than feel free to show me. I am looking for classic or gothic peases and nothing sweet. For the bloomers I would like long ones that would  show under a skirt. I have three short ones so no I am not looking for any right know.
- Feedback:
- I reserve the right to not buy anything offered but go ahead and show me :)
- Only sellers in the US sorry
Show me what you have :D

Also if your in the bay area and would like to save on shipping I would love to meet up. Or if your going to be at the AP opening!
Tags: !wtb

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