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DS/DT Altered brand for Plus size lolis and more!

Hello there! I’m helping out a friend by selling her items, thanks for taking the time to read my post.

-Shipping price is not included and I ship from Fl, USA.
-I’ll double check the condition before sending out items.
-I can take more detailed pictures of items if you need them.
-I have one cat in my apartment in case you have allergies but I try to keep her away from the clothing.
-Priority goes to the first person to leave their paypal and pay full price.
-Feel free to haggle; we want to get rid of these items!
-My feedback: http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/468901.html

For trades measurements are:
114cm bust
98cm waist

1. Blue Candy Violet t-shirt $6 (slightly torn sleeve but no other flaws)
The seam on the left sleeve tore when she tried it on but it looks like you can serge it back together easily.
Bust: 41-48 cm flat

print close up

ripped seam

2. Pink Candy Violet t-shirt $10 (new condition)
Bust: 41-48 cm flat

Print close up

3. Catnapcaps commissioned Jsk $50(gently used but good condition)
Bust: 34-60 cm flat

detachable bows

print close up

4. Catnapcaps commissioned Pj set $30 (new condition)
Bust: 47-70cm flat, Waist: 78cm flat, 67cm long
Waist: 38-68cm flat, Leg holes 30-45cm flat

5. Candy Violet blue stripe top $15
Bust: 44-47cm flat
Waist: 39-42cm flat

back view

close up of stripes

6. Locally commissioned Waloli top and obi $30 (good condition)
Part of the obi is taken in so it sits a little wonky. Not too noticeable when worn.
Bust: 59cm flat, Waist: 48cm flat
Waist: 51-54cm flat, length 17cm

7. Fanplusfriend black top $25 (slightly worn but good condition)
Bust: 51-68cm flat
Waist: 47-56.5cm
Length 48cm

back view

8. Fanplusfriend flower butterfly necklace $7 (like new)

9. Fanplusfriend flower jewelry set $10 (like new)

10. Commissioned apple pear over skirt $30 (good condition)
Waist: 99cm Length: 41.5cm

print close up

11. Altered black meta skirt $25 (good condition)
Waist: 46-95cm flat

close up of inside hem w/white thread and brand tag

12. Meta socks $10 (worn condition)

13. Offbrand mint blouse $10 (slightly dusty but pretty good condition)
Notice that the two buttons on the bottom are not there but they do have snaps in those areas. Wouldn’t be noticeable when tucked in.
Bust: 53cm flat, 71cm long

close up of snaps inbetween buttons

close up of faint smudge on the back shoulder. Looks like dust

14. Altered white meta skirt (from an OP) $20 (good condtion)
Waist: 47cm flat, 63cm length

white color of the waistband is a slightly different shade

brand tag

15. Left over top from meta op $10 (good condition. no stains or rips)
Bust: 38-54cm flat, 27cm length, armhole 12-19cm

Bottom edge is unfinished

16. Pink and black offbrand shoes both US size 9 $10 each (slightly dirty but no major flaws)

17. Puffy pink headbow $8 (like new condition)

18. White montreals shoes 26cm $30 (very worn condition)

19. White meta bonnet $20 (like new condition)

I have my own old sales post here with some btssb stuff and more:

Tags: !da, !ds, candy violet, fanplusfriend, handmade, metamorphose, montreal, offbrand

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