Trigger Happy Lolita (foomer) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Trigger Happy Lolita

DS: Bags! Shoes! Jewellery!


Few ground rules and things to know:

- I only accept paypal
- No pets have been near these items
- If you choose not to pay extra for tracking it's not my fault if the item gets lost
- Ask me anything!
- Prices don't include shipping

Feedback: HERE

THSL necklaces handmade by me!

I'm trying to get rid of the pieces I'm not attached to!

One necklace is 19euros

Montreal pink rocking horse shoes

Size: 25.0

Price: 25 euros

Demonia lolita shoes

Size: 24.5 - 25.0

Price: 35 euros

Bodyline black bow shoes 18euros

Size: 25.0

Tags: !ds, emily temple cute, montreal, swimmer

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