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ds: reduced items! new items! Angelic Pretty: socks, jewelry, skirts; Baby: jsk, skirt

Sales Info

1. Shipping from Canada 
           - International (Non-USA) Buyers pleasenote that shipping outside North America is VERY expensive (around $15 upwards) please keep this in mind. Thank you.

2. Cost for fees is INCLUDED 
3. Prices include shipping in Canada
4. If you do not ask for tracking I am not responsible for any lost or stolen parcels
5. Please ask for shipping quotes, let me know your location!

I will consider trades for:
Cherry Berry Bunny in YELLOW (OP or Long Strap Versions Only)

If you have any questions, or would like more pictures please ask!

My feedback is here: EGL Feedback


Angelic Pretty

Wonder Party (Sax) $280 OBO $240
note: missing the little spoon danglies that go on the bow, excellent condition otherwise

Magical Etoile BNWT (Black) $275

Measurements (from
47cm length
62cm waist

bought brand new with tags, never worn outside (tried on once)

From L to R

1. Angel Pony OTK $30
2. Magical Etoile OTK (Black) $45
3. Miracle Candy OTK BN(Pink) $30

Magical Etoile Headband $50

headband tag:

Polka Dot Heart Headband $25

Milky-Chan Bracelet BNWT (BrownxPink) $50


BTSSB Alice Maze $230 $180 $145

Alice and The Pirates Chain Bouquet (BlackxBlue) $250 $200 (Final Reduction)

Alice's Ribbon Kingdom $200 OBO

Baby Spring/Summer 2010 Collection Book $10 ($5 if shipped with another item)


Secret Shop Dolly Pearl Shoes in Sax (SIZE M) $60

Thank you for Looking!

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