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DS: IW COAT, AP JSK, Socks, rose headress and more

DS: Closet Sale, Brands, Offbrands and Handmade

  •  Shipping is not included in the price (unless noted otherwise)
  • I am not responsible for lost/damaged packages once I give it to the post office. Tracking in the US is included in the shipping price.
  • Priority goes to the first person who can leave their paypal for invoicing. Just because you asked a question, does not mean you get priority. If you're really interested but need to ask a question first, just leave you Paypal address to reserve your spot. 
  • I have a full-time job that requires me to be away from home 4 days a week, it might take a week for me to ship your items out.
  • Please PM me if you need to contact me after the sale. I don't get LJ notifications on my email.
  • I have feed back here
  • I'll screen all replies w/ email addresses on it.

Innocent wolrd Coat
Worn About 2 - 4 times

Price: 230.00 210.00

shipping: please state location. Item is quite heavy
Angelic pretty Pink Dress

worn only once. Excellent condition. Full elastic at the back so it can fit a variety of sizes.
Price: 190.00
Shipping: US 10.00 / International : please state location

Surface spell: White Chiffon Blouse

Max Bust 36
Max Waist 32

Price: $65.00
Shipping: US 5.00 / International 12.00
Black Chiffon Blouse
Max Bust 36
Max Waist 32

Price: $65.00
Shipping: US 5.00 / International 12.00

Surface spell: Chiffon Bolero

Max Bust 34 inches

Price: 45.00
Shipping: US 5.00 / International 10.00

White Chiffon Bolero

Max Bust 34  inches

Price: 45
Shipping: US 5.00 / International 12.00
Infanta Chandelier OP
Size: XL
Bust: 36 inches
Waist 32 inches
Price: 95.00
Shipping: US 12.00 / International: PLease state location (it is heavy)
Navy Sailor Dress (Mary Magdalene Replica)

2 pcs set which includes the dress and the bolero. The dress is unlined. All seams serged and finished well.

Bust: 34-36 inches
Waist 30-34 inches
can go smaller with waist ties.

Price: $85.00
Shipping: US 8.00 / International 16.00

Bunny Bag

Excellent condition
Price: 70.00 65.00
Shipping: US 5.00 / Int 12.00

Alice Kingdom shoes


New, never worn.

US size 8
china size 39

Price: 40.00
shipping: US 10.00 / International: please state your location


New, never used
US size 8
china size 40
Price: 50
Shipping: US 10.00

Secret shop socks

new, never used

1 pair
USA: 13.00 shipped
Canada: 14.00 shipped
International: 16.00 shipped

Buy 1 more pair and just add $1 to shipping
international add $2
round headress (w/ headband)

off white or pink available

Price: 25.00
Shipping: US 4.00 / International 6.00
Ribbon Headband


white - sold

Price: 12.00
Shipping: US 4.00 / International 6.00

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