chobits332 (chobits332) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

Wtb: angelic pretty, off/indiebrand

Hi, I'm interested in a few AP things and was wondering if anyone has, and is willing to sell, them. Since I think they're relatively unpopular/uncommon I don't think my chances of finding them here are very good, but heres to hoping~. I could trade(brand and maybe offbrand as a sweetener)/partial trade for these but if you must have full cash let me know how much and I'll see what I can do.
These are what I'm interested in:

Dream Magic jsk? -in this color

(I'd like this one the most) Lovely marchen jsk? -In black or pink

Wonder girl set -In Dark Pink x Sax or Pink (preferably Dark pink x Sax)

Cut parka? -In any colorway

School March jsk -In pink or blue

And if the above can't be found first then the Sweets Patissier Jsk-In black

I'm not strictly looking for these, things in this style (low waist, kind of casual feel, not all a solid color, jsk, maybe op if it's casual like, and a shirt and skirt together preferably if the skirt is tiered) will also interest me, brand or not. :) Colors I like are black, pinks, and blues.

Waist: around 30inch smaller with cincher
Bust: around 38inch

Thanks for your help!

Tags: !wtb, angelic pretty, indie brand, offbrand
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