Rachel (mrrussiapink) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS/DT F+F (ap replica?) set in grey / WTB (see bottom of the post)

My feebdback is here

If you want to contact me, either leave a comment or email me at summer_rachel@hotmail.co.uk (Please don't PM me!)
 All items are shipped in the UK , I prefer to sell/trade with in europe so if someone out of Europe and someone with in Europe show intrest, I will sell to the person in Europe.


I'm selling the F+F ..I believe it is A la Mode AP replica set (please correct me if I'm wrong c: ) 
I'm the second owner, the first owner I believe never wore it, and I only wore it 3 times, it's in perfect condition.
I do have 2 cats!

My proof will be my little Idog c:

Stock image:

My images:

Skirt 1         Vest             details 1  2

Bust : the back is shirred with lacing so it's pretty much free
Waist: It will fit a max 26" waist, and it has waist ties.

I'm looking to sell it for £75 including UK postage ( ask for shipping anywhere else )  but I'm very very open to offers!
See my WTB for what I'm looking to trade for! c:

I'm looking for skirts and JSK/OPs in a black/pastle colourway, also black blouses, preferably  long sleeved.
Long black bloomers
and socks/head pieces to accompany this dress
Tags: !ds, !dt, !wtb, fanplusfriend
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