eglmods (eglmods) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

How to Get Your Sales Post Approved Quickly

Cheat Sheet to Getting Your Post Approved Quickly
Click for image reference for what your post should look like!

  • Have a link to your EGLFeedback page

  • Put your entire post under a LiveJournal Cut

  • Put your location in the location field

  • Tag your post with what type of post it is

  • Link to your own hosted pictures and proof pictures

  • Make sure it has a “DS, WTB, etc.” at the beginning of the subject

  • Post no more than one “buying” and no more than one “selling” post within 4 days

  • Wait 4 weeks before reposting the same item, or take a reduction of at least 20% if you are posting before the four weeks are up.

  • Bribe us with ice cream... just kidding, just kidding.

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