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The 75%/25% Rule

75%/25% Rule

This rule was created to allow sellers a little bit more leeway in terms of things that were allowed for sale, and to allow buyers to find items that aren’t strictly lolita- but that might be difficult to find elsewhere. This rule was not created to allow sellers to post any item on the community alongside their old lolita pieces.

How It Works:
75% (or more) of your items must be unquestionably lolita. This means that they either come from a whitelisted brand, or accurately represent one of the recognized substyles of the lolita fashion.
25% (or less) of your items may then be “borderline.” Borderline items are things that come close to being lolita, but fall shy of fitting directly into a substyle of lolita. An example of a borderline item would be a pair of SWIMMER headphones.
In Short: You can have one (1) borderline item for every three (3) lolita items.

Example Posts:
Good Post
: An Angelic Pretty blouse, a lolita skirt from Bodyline, a pair of boots that fit into the classic lolita substyle from a local store, and a decoed mirror.
Why It’s Good: 75% of the items (blouse, skirt, and boots) are definitely lolita. 25% of the items (mirror) are borderline.

Bad Post: A Triple Fortune bonnet and two pairs of SWIMMER headphones.
Why It’s Bad: Only 33% of the items (bonnet) are lolita. The remaining 66% are borderline. The poster must add at least five (5) more lolita items to make the post acceptable.

Bad Post: A Metamorphose skirt, a Mary Magdalene coat, a Chocomint hairbow, and a pink pencil skirt.
Why It’s Bad: 75% of the items (skirt, coat, and bow) are definitely lolita. The remaining 25% (skirt) are neither borderline nor lolita, and are not acceptable to post on egl_comm_sales

Some Things To Remember:
What does “borderline” mean, anyways?
An item is not borderline just because it “could work” with a lolita outfit. A piece is not borderline because it is pink and has a floral print. A piece is not borderline just because you’ve worn it with a lolita outfit. A piece is borderline because it could work with a very obviously lolita outfit in a way that’s immediately obvious for most lolitas upon seeing the item, even if it doesn’t come from a whitelisted brand or perfectly represent a lolita substyle. The term also applies to non-clothing pieces, like cute combs, pretty headphones, and deco-ed phone cases.

What kinds of items are considered “lolita”?
Please refer to this post for a list of items that the moderation team recognizes as lolita. Items from whitelisted brands also fall into this category.

What if my item represents [insert style here], and there’s a [insert style here] lolita substyle?
An item is not borderline or lolita just because it accurately represents another style that could be or is commonly crossed with lolita. Western gothic items will not be automatically accepted as borderline items because a gothic lolita substyle happens to exist. Fairy-kei items will not be automatically accepted just because a fairy-kei/lolita hybrid style happens to exist. While items from other styles will be accepted, they must fit the above definitions of “borderline” or “lolita.”

I think my item is lolita/borderline, but a mod said it wasn’t. What can I do?
Begin by PMing the moderator who rejected your post with images of your items, and request that they present your items to the moderation team. The moderators will then review and vote on which items are lolita, which are borderline, and which are unacceptable. A moderator will then PM you to let you know which items you may post.
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