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What Can and Can't Be Sold on the EGL Sales Community

Hey everyone- sorry in advance for the rush of posts, but the moderation team has been hard at work updating the community rules, and we're trying to get everything updated as speedily as possible. Please bear with us! And per usual, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask us via comment or PM.

What Can/Can't Be Sold on the Sales Community

Please bear in mind, this is NOT a rigid totalitarian list. We are not passing judgement on what can or can't be worn with lolita. We are not trying to imply off brand isn't acceptable. But there needs to be boundaries of some description for our sales community. If you're unsure if your items are appropriate for sale, please PM a member of the mod team.

Also, please note that the below rules apply for handmade items and brands that have not been added to the whitelist. If a brand has been whitelisted, we will accept any item from that brand for sale-regardless of its “loliability.” The whitelist can be seen here.

✔ Lolita dresses
✘ Sun dresses 

Not every sun dress is automatically lolita. Please be sensible when selling your garments - does it have a full enough shape? Is it long enough? Is the fabric good quality?

✔ Lolita suitable Vivienne Westwood/Betsey Johnson/etc items
✘ Every kind of Vivienne Westwood/Betsey Johnson/etc item that exists

There are many brands that make both lolita appropriate and non-lolita appropriate items. Just because they make one thing that works, doesn't mean everything is allowed. Please use sensible judgement when deciding what to post, and don't fall back on the 'they make things which are lolita...' excuse.

✔ Novelties from whitelisted brands (toiletries, plushies, make-up bags, plates, pens)
✘ Novelties from other sources (hello kitty plushies, random keychains)

Brand novelties are allowed as we are aware there are few other places to obtain these items. We may make exceptions from other lolita brands that are not whitelisted, but whose novelties would not be sold elsewhere (e.g. Chantilly, Atelier-Pierrot, etc.). Additionally, some novelties may be considered “borderline” under the 75%/25% rule- these are largely things like combs, mirrors, and headphones that may accompany a lolita outfit but would not be considered a part of a lolita outfit. Furthermore, items such as the Hello Kitty Pour Lolita range are ok - since they are lolita/fit the aesthetic. But a hello kitty plush in a kimono is not ok.

✔ Suitable punk items (lolita-length skirts, high quality accessories, high quality and correct length coats and tops) from non-whitelisted brands, any punk item from whitelisted brands
✘ Unsuitable punk items (mini skirts, random chains, jeans, really long tops) from non-whitelisted brands 

There are other communities that focus on the punk style, so please try selling your items there. Only punk items which would clearly work with lolita are acceptable (correct length cutsews, high quality accessories) Items which appear to be low quality or questionable to be mixed with lolita are not acceptable. This obviously does not apply to whitelisted brands.

✔ High quality hand made items
✘ Low quality hand made items

Hand made is perfectly fine, but please be a good judge of your talent. Fraying seams, wonky lace, incorrect shape? Please refrain from selling it. If you’re not sure, PM a moderator to ask.

✔ Cutsews and lolita printed T-shirts
✘ 'Cute' T-shirts, band T-shirts etc

T-shirts are ONLY acceptable if they clearly have a lolita/workable print on them, and are high quality (Cute plush, APxOneesan etc.).

✔ High quality, lolita suitable jewellery
✘ Low quality, generally standard jewellery

This is not the community to pile off your unused earrings and jewellery. The line is pretty tangible here, but if it is something extremely standard, don't post it. If it's garish and would never work with lolita, don't post it. If you’re not sure, ask a mod.

✔ Lolita appropriate socks, high quality tights
✘ Any random pair of socks off the high street, 'niche' styles 

Neon socks may - in a very specific co-ord - work with lolita. But it's far too 'niche' to be appropriate for sale. Likewise, other crazily patterned or low quality socks are not acceptable. Please keep it to stylish tights and quality knee/thigh socks.

✔ Brand collaboration doll items, brand collaboration dolls in brand collaboration items
✘ All doll items, nude dolls

Any doll that has been produced in conjunction with a whitelisted brand may be sold on the community. We do not allow the sale of any other doll items, lolita or otherwise, though we will probably make exceptions for dolls produced in conjunction with recognized but unwhitelisted brands. We also forbid the sale of nude dolls- we will accept brand doll dresses for sale, but you couldn’t sell a nude AP x Pullip collaboration doll. There are many other, larger doll forums to sell your items and nude dolls on, so please do not post them to the community.

✔ Lolita-appropriate fabrics and deco supplies
✘ Random fabrics and craft supplies

As with the above items, this is a place to sell lolita or loliable fabrics and supplies- not your old Sailor Moon fabric, or some low-quality lace you found laying around.

✔ Sealed circle lenses
✘ Unsealed circle lenses

Unsealed circle lenses present a major safety and hygeine hazard, even if they haven't been used before. We allow the sale of circle lenses in sealed containers, but please do not sell your opened circle lenses. Even if you just tried them on in one eye for a minute, they're no longer sanitary and should not be worn by others.

✔ Petticoats, bloomers, and other lolita-exclusive undergarments
✘ General undergarments (e.g. underwear, bras, etc.)

Petticoats, bloomers, and the like are appropriate for sale on this community; however, this is not the place to sell your underwear, bras, garter belts, etc. Not sure if your undergarment is appropriate? Think of it this way: Could you wear it under a pair of jeans and a t-shirt? If the answer is yes, it probably isn't okay for sale on this community.

✔ Lolita-related deco nails
✘ General nail goods (e.g. nail polish, nail files, plain stick-on nails, etc.)

This sounds a little subjective, but in general if nails have been painted or decorated in a manner that would (a) work well with lolita fashion and (b) is not too plain or simple, we'll allow them. A pair of nails painted to match a print would be okay under this, but a pair of nails with a French manicure is not okay. As for general nail goods, we are not a beauty supply sale community; as a result we don't allow the sale of these items since they're not really related to lolita.

✘ New make-up and make-up supplies
✘ Used make-up and make-up supplies

As with nail goods, these items are not exclusive to lolita fashion or necessary to achieve the lolita look, even if many lolitas use them.. Additionally, opened or used makeup can serve as a breeding ground for dangerous bacteria and can be extremely unhygenic. For these reasons, we do not allow the sale of makeup of any type on this community.

✘ Unsterilised jewellery/earrings

Even if you only stuck some earrings in for half a second, please sterilize them before you sell them. Failure to do so can result in the transmission of bacteria.

✘ Leg warmers

Just no. There's lots of other places to buy them, high street and on line, and they're also easy to make.

✘ J-rock Items

Band posters, booklets, CDs? Please find somewhere else to sell them.

A Couple of Final Rules of Thumb
Is it from a whitelisted brand? Then you can sell it.
Would even the most “uncreative” lolita be able to work it into a lolita outfit? Then you can sell it.
Would most people be able to see how to work it with a lolita outfit, even if they wouldn’t wear it with lolita? Then you can sell it as a borderline item, provided the remaining 75% of the items you post are unquestionably lolita.
Is it made of high-quality fabric and materials (doesn’t matter if it’s made or bought)? Then you can sell it.
Not sure if your item is okay, even after reading this post? Please PM a moderator and ask their opinion.

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