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DS: Sixh. & Black Peace Now + Price reduction on former offers


In order to create some space in my closet I would like to sell some items, which are just too nice to sit there.
Most of them are unused and still have their tags attached.

Please read the following informations carefully.
* The items are located in Germany.
* International customers are welcome.
* Prices are listed in euro.
* I accept PayPal only. The listed prices don't include PayPal fees, I'll add them to your order later.
* Items will go to the first person, who leaves his/her PayPal address and pays the invoice. I won't hold items.
* Shipping prices vary for items and location. Please leave your countries name and postal code in the comments.
* I'm not responsible for your package anymore once it is shipped.

I've 100% positve feedback at my eglfeedback page ,as well as on eBay.


#1:    Black Peace Now necklace

bpn nacklace 

Further pictures: cross+tag closing
Condition: worn twice
Color: black
cross - 8,5x5,5cm
chain - 75cm
Comment: I bought this nice necklace some time ago, but I've just worn it twice. Sadly some of the black coating did spall around the closing, but the rest of the necklace  is in a good condition. The original price was 3990 JPY (ca. 31€). 

Price: 20€

#2:    Peace Now vest


Further pictures: back
Condition: New w/ tags
Color: black, silver
bust - 82cm
shoulder length -  32cm
back length - 58cm
Comment: I really like this piece but I just can't find the right time to wear it, that's why I'm selling it. This vest is a sold out item and the original price was 12390 JPY (ca. 113€). 

Price: 75€

#3:    Sixh. knit jacket with attached stole


Further pictures: back , back close-up , tags
Condition: New w/ tags
Color: black
bust - 100cm
shoulder length -  45cm
back length - 34cm
stole - ~190cm
Comment: I got this one from a h.Naoto grab bag and if it wasn't way to large for me I would keep it. It's perfect for this season, since the fabric is very warm and cuddly ;).

Price: 75€

#4:    Sixh. see-through t-shirt with skull print


Further picturesprint close-up , tags
Condition: New w/ tags
Color: off-white black
bust - 84cm
shoulder length -  37cm
back length - 58cm
Comment: A cool see-through t-shirt with a creative skull print, which is nice to layer with other tops. There are slots in the sleeves, so that your shoulders are shown. There is a little stain near the left shoulder, but it should go away with the first washing.

Price: 35€

#5:    Sixh. asymmetric short jacket with eyelets


Further picturestags
Condition: New w/ tags
Color: black, silver
bust - 92cm
shoulder length -  40cm
back length - 48cm
Comment: Another nice item from a h.Naoto grab bag, which doesn't fits me. I hope you can give it a nice home~

Price: 50€

#6:    Sixh. knit hat


Further picturestags
Condition: New w/ tags
Color: brown, black, silver
Comment: A warm knit hat for the cold season. I bought it from S-inc.ws, but never got to wear it. Original Price was 5775 JPY (ca. 53€). 

Price: 25€

#7:    SexPot Revenge frill shirt



Further picturesback , frill close-up , worn in black
Condition: New w/ tags
Color: grey, black, silver
bust - 82cm
shoulder length -  39cm
back length - 71cm
Comment: Another nice item I never manged to wear. The fabric is very smooth and shiny. Original Price was 6900 JPY (ca. 63€). 

Price: 50€ 

#8:    SexPot Revenge Trenchcoat



Further picturesback , worn
Condition: New w/ tags
Color: black, silver
bust - 86cm
shoulder length -  38cm
back length - 82cm
Comment: I bought this one from CDjapan. I was supposed to recieve it within two weeks, but in the end it took 3 months... When it finally arrived it was already to warm to wear it. I bought another trenchcoat so I don't need this one anymore. Nonetheless this is a really nice item with eye-catching details like the crown emblems on the buttons and the silver skull embroidery on the left sleeve. Original price was 11900 JPY (ca.110€). 

Price: 80€


Feel free to ask if you have any questions regarding the items. Thank you! :)


Tags: !ds, black peace now, h.naoto, sex pot revenge
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