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{ DS! Sax BTSSB Alice Tea Party Jsk~ }


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BTSSB Alice Tea Party Jumperskirt - Sax

{ Bodice }   &   { Print }   &   { Back }   &   { Stain }   &   { Mark }

This is a lovely jsk by Baby the Stars Shine Bright, circa. 2007?

I bought it off Y!J froma user claiming it's 'used' but when I received it, it came in perfect condition. Since then, I've worn it once outside and it has obtained a small black mark (possible pencil) and two small stains from tea. From the images you can probably gauge the sizes of the imperfections, but they are definitely smaller than .3mm in diameter each.

Please note that the print is a fuzzy iron on (?) of sorts. Really cute! It features a clock, cutlery, teacup, teapot, and biscuit. It is a slightly off white colour compared to its pure white lace counterparts. There are 5 types of lace in use! o wo!!

Measurements (amateur): Note: NO SHIRRING!
Length: 36"
Bust: ~34"
Waist: ~28" w/ removable waist ties

Price: $150 USD Shipped to Canada/US + PP fees

**Lovely Dividers by m_miu
Tags: !ds, baby the stars shine bright
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